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Teachers, bring your students to Dussel Farm for a first-hand look at our farm’s role in food production and soil conservation. For 10 years, we have been hosting field trips throughout the month of October, and strive for enjoyment as well as education.


Our program is geared toward pre-school children through the early elementary grades, and we use our sense of touch and smell as much as possible.

Many of today’s children don’t have relatives living on farms and have never walked through a field.  Imagine their faces when we find a worm under their pumpkin in the patch or a half-eaten pumpkin!


Temporarily Discontinued

Take a walk through a corn field, pick an ear of corn, shuck it and learn about how we use corn today in our foods and in non-food items.

Since soybeans will be harvested prior to the field trips, a soybean station is set up in a building where children can learn about the soybeans from the seed to the plant, to fish food and soymilk, to plastic and motor oils. Handling as many items as possible is encouraged.


The best part of the field trip is the walk to the pumpkin patch (weather permitting).  There, children can see, feel and smell pumpkins in the field and learn how they grow from seed to fruit.  Feeling the inside of a cold stringy pumpkin and planting its seeds is a “first” for some boys and girls.  The children get to pick a small pumpkin from the field to take home.


Weekdays 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Bring a brown bag and blanket lunch!

Allow 1-2 hours for the field trip, plus lunch

Children receive a small pumpkin, an ear of corn, coloring book, and other seasonal items.


Fees: $4.00 per child over 2 years, teachers and chaperones free.

Minimum 8 students or $30

Have payment ready on arrival to avoid confusion.Pleases have the children wear appropriate clothing and shoes. We have an abundance of dirt!

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